Anabol 500 Tabs-Cheap Adult Drugs


Anabol is a steroid used for gaining muscles.
Bodybuilders can make their body robust with this medication.
It a safe medication to be used for muscle gain.


Anabol 500 Tabs-Cheap Adult Drugs

Anabol 500 Tabs : Objective of the study: To compare the characteristics of two groups of men who participated in weight training – those who reported anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) use versus those who did not report any AAS use.

Design: Analysis of data from Anabolic 500, a cross-sectional survey.

Participants: Five hundred and six men who self-reported AAS (mean age 29.3 years) and 771 men who self-reported AAS (mean age 25.2 years) who completed an online survey between February 19 and June 30, 2009.

Measurements and Main Results: Respondents were recruited from Internet discussion forums of 38 fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and steroid websites. Respondents provided online informed consent and completed the Anabolic 500, a 99-item web-based survey. Data were collected on demographics, use of AAS and other performance-enhancing substances, alcohol and illicit drug use, substance dependence disorders, additional Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, text revision diagnoses, and history of sexual and/or physical disorders. abuse. The majority (70.4%) of AAS users were recreational exercisers who reported using an average of 11.1 performance-enhancing substances in their routine. Compared to non-users, AAS users more often met criteria for substance dependence disorder (23.4% vs. 11.2%, p<0.001), reported a diagnosis of anxiety disorder (10.1% vs. 6.1%, p=0.010) , used cocaine in the past 12 months (11.3% vs. 4.7%, p<0.001) and reported a history of sexual abuse (6.1% vs. 2.7%, p=0.005).

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